Construction Contract Templates

The most common Contract types:

Lump sum (stipulated = fixed price to the owner) contract (most common for Owner / Contractor jobs) is suitable for projects with defined time and scope, both are necessary for the contractor to estimate the cost, the contractor provides its means and methods (Labor and Materials) to complete the scope shouldering all the associated risks for all unforeseen contingencies, best forms of contracts are CCDC 2 (Owner-GC) and CCA 1(GC-Sub).

Unit Price Contract: for project with anticipated quantities (most common for General Contractor / Sub-Contractor Jobs), where job is broken down by trades (commonly for repairs / Maintenance Jobs), the invoicing is based on Quantities done (scope is not fixed and Quantities may vary but the Price for units per each work item is fixed), best form of contracts are CCDC 4 (Owner-GC) and

Cost Plus Contract: (Material and Labor costs + Overhead and Profit), although the project scope is highly undermined but the project execution may result in a completed scope to the full satisfaction of the Owner based on its changing requirements while execution, this type has different variation such as Cost + Fixed percentage or Cost + Fixed Fee regardless of the amount, or Cost + fixed fee with Guaranteed maximum price (agreed maximum upper limit of the project cost)

Design – Build Stipulated Price Contract: is most suitable when the requirement is to have the main Contractor design and construct the work, the tenderer submit Contractor’s Proposal in reply to Owner’s requirements, the proposal includes the price of the work includes the design which might be as per Concept design prepared by the Owner’s appointed consultant, commonly used for technically complex projects when the owner wishes to have minimum responsibility on the project design.

Standard Documents

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Sample of Supplementary Conditions


Sample of CCDC 2 (2008)

Sample CCA 1 Contract with filling in guide


CCDC 20 – 2008 Guide to the Use of CCDC 2 – 2008 Stipulated Price Contract

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